In this Periscope, I talked about what the world owes you which is nothing. Literally nothing at all. And that’s okay because you also owe the world nothing. Really grasping this idea makes life a lot less confusing and weird for everyone. The entitlement mentality is not attractive on anyone ever, and I would encourage you to watch this Periscope for ways to take a different approach like asking for things nicely or just being respectful of another human being’s time and talent.

Plus, we each need to do what is right for us without feeling a bunch of guilt about it. I’m not saying you should never think of anyone else; I’m saying it’s okay to think of yourself, too. Which leads to why I’m moving my Periscopes to my blog – for monetization. Yes, I’m a crass materialist. Orrrr I’m someone who thinks it’s okay to get paid. Your pick. (Helpful hint: I’d go with “Steph thinks it’s okay to get paid” because that’s the one that’s true. I think you should get paid, too.)

I then made some discoveries about Periscope’s capabilities which I really can’t describe so you should probably just watch the damn thing and see. It’s pretty hilarious to watch me learn new stuff. I swear, I’m like a small child sometimes. In the best way possible. HA! But for real, I had no idea you could scroll through your viewers’ to see who’s watching you. WHAT? Oh, and I discussed how I want to be mid-level famous with no actual reason for wanting that, other than just being famous. #WorthyGoals

I also discussed my podcast with Missy, and the viewers gave us a potential tagline – “We’re fucking delightful.” Because it’s true. Missy and I ARE fucking delightful; you should definitely give us a listen. As of right now, we haven’t really locked in on a topic, but we feel like that’s part of our charm. (And if you know me, you know I can’t really lock into a topic ever.)

Whew. It’s probably more fun to watch the Periscope than to read the recap. Plus you won’t miss anything.