So, lots of us have had professional manicures and had our cuticles cut during said manicures. It’s really no big deal; right? Welllllll, it kind of IS a big deal. Read on for why.

Pink background with white text that reads "Why You Should Stop Cutting Your Cuticles RIGHT NOW"

Your cuticle is designed to keep shit (both literal and figurative) from getting into living tissue via the nail plate. Cutting them can provide an opening for whatever ick gets on your hands to make its way on into your body. Um, gross; right?

But what should you do instead? Well, just use a good cuticle oil and leave them alone. Oh, but you hate how they look with your gorgeous manicure? Okay, I get it. Me too. (But use the cuticle oil anyway, please. Your nails and cuticles will thank you, I promise.)

So, apply a good cuticle remover, then gently push them back with an orange stick wrapped in cotton or a cuticle pusher or, if you’re feeling really fancy, one of these guys. GENTLY being the keyword. Remember, you don’t want to damage that protective wall between you and THE ICK OF THE WORLD.

TL;DR – don’t cut your cuticles, dammit. Oil them up. Push them back. Stay ick-free.