So in a world where we have tons of social media platforms, it can get overwhelming trying to learn all of them. So here’s a social media tip: don’t. (At least not all at once.) You can be successful without being plugged into ALL THE THINGS. Pick one you like and get really, really comfortable and consistent using that, then choose another. And another and so on until you’ve either mastered all of them or hired someone to manage your social media. (I might “know a guy [or gal]” who can help with this. Just sayin’.)

For me, I love Periscope. I mean, I LOVE Periscope. No, y’all. I L O V E Periscope. I feel like that app was made just for me. So using that platform and creating content for it isn’t work to me. It’s fun, and I hardly have to think about it. So of course, I love putting my content there. But not everyone uses Periscope. Not even most people. So I need to make sure I’m on platforms that have a greater reach if I want to be sure my message is getting out there. This means learning things that aren’t as fun or finding ways to push content to the platforms I don’t like as much. So let’s cover a couple of ways I personally do that, and maybe you’ll see something that appeals to you. (Or hey, maybe you want to share something you’re doing in the comments. I’m down with that.)

Back in the olden days, before Facebook took over the world, Twitter was a completely different place, in my opinion. It still has its appeal to lots of folks, but I’m sadly not one of them. It’s just gotten too crowded and too loud, if you will. (I do, however, rely on Twitter for breaking news far more than any other platform.) Given my aversion to Twitter (which is ALL ME), I am a huge fan of the IFTTT app. I use it to push IG photos to Flickr. I use it to put things in Evernote. But most salient to the current point, I use it to make IG photos appear on my Twitter timeline as native Twitter photos. Anything that helps me fill that feed is A+.

I also use the Facebook and Twitter integration to keep my Twitter feed alive and kicking. Anything I post to my Facebook page goes to Twitter, too. Anything I post publicly on my own wall also goes to Twitter. So I have a feed that’s jumping without me having to constantly babysit. Fantastic. (I do check in twice a day to see what’s going on with my lists and to follow back, reply, etc.) For me, this works very effectively – I’m not stressed about Twitter, and I haven’t abandoned a really great tool in despair. That’s winning, my friends.

There are other platforms I’m still working on, and since this is about to turn into a novella, I’ll cover those in future posts. (Oh, Snapchat, will I ever use you for more than ugly selfies?!) So, your turn – what tools are you using to help manage all this social media stuff?