So you wanna be a blogger, but you don’t have any idea at all where to start? Well, hey! I can help with that! Let’s take it from square zero, shall we? (Square zero is a totally a thing now.)

First? Get a coach. I don’t care if it’s me or Tony Robbins or Danielle LaPorte. GET A COACH. They’ll help you talk through your vision which will help you with allllll the following steps.

Branding. You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what? Branding? That’s for corporations and cattle!” But no. It’s for anyone who’s marketing something (including yourself). That should include a name you’d like to use, whether it’s your actual name or just your online presence. Example: I’m “quirkyblogger everywhere on the Internet.” When new platforms are created, I go create an account with that name, even if I have no intention of using the platform. I just want to make sure I keep my brand EVERYWHERE.
Bonus tip: BUY THE DOMAIN THE MOMENT YOU HAVE A NAME. I’ve seen a lot of people wind up very sad after they come up with a great name and leave the domain sit available too long so someone else grabs it. Don’t let that happen to you, friend.

During the creating a brand phase, your blog’s purpose should get SUPER CLEAR. You want to have a solid idea of what kind of questions your blog will answer or what pain points it’s going to solve. As fun as it might be to write about your adventures with Princess Persephone the Pretty Kitty, that blog isn’t going to give you a huge audience you can monetize or funnel into your sales channels. You need to get this step done before proceeding further. Your blog’s branding and purpose will impact your overall social media strategy.

Okay, so you’ve got your branding and purpose? Cool. Now, set up social media accounts for the new blog. Yes, even if you’re not launching yet. You can definitely start getting people HYPE before it launches. Anticipation is a good thing!
Bonus tip: these accounts should all have the same name. (Again, think “quirkyblogger everywhere on the internet.”)

Finally? Get. A. Coach. My coaches have been (and still are, in one case) invaluable to me through this.

P.S. Did I mention you should get a coach? Because you should.