If you’ve worn polish for any length of time, you’ve probably thought, “Man, there has to be an easier way to take this stuff off!” ESPECIALLY if you wear glitter polishes. Friend, let me help you out. Here are the steps for easier polish removal. YOU ARE WELCOME!

1. Cut a cotton round into six pieces, as you’d cut a pie.
2. Soak each piece in an acetone* remover then place on nail. Try to avoid your cuticles and skin so you don’t drag the pigment around and stain your skin. (*Yes, use acetone. I’ll explain why in my next post, I promise!) Now you could wrap them in foil to hold them in place, but I prefer to use these guys. (Best $6.25 I’ve spent in a long dang time!)
3. Wait about 90 seconds then use a cotton ball to grab the wedge and firmly swipe off in one direction. DON’T “scrub” it off as that might serve to embed the pigment further into your nail! If the polish doesn’t swipe right off, repeat the steps.
4. Repeat these steps for your other hand.

Voila. Polish removed. How easy was that? I hope you’ve found this guide helpful, and I wish you many happy, GLITTERY manicures now that you’ve discovered the trick to effectively removing them. (Or maybe you already knew about all these?) Hit me in the comments to let me know your thoughts!