So, one thing I like to talk about a lot during my Periscopes is how to not be an asshole. One of the very first lessons on that path is to own your shit. If you do something that’s fucked up, acknowledge it then start taking steps to correct it. Too often people are like, “Welp, that’s just the way I am. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,” and guess what? That’s an asshole move. So quit it.

If you know you lose your temper too easily, work on that. Take an anger management course. Try meditation. Whatever it takes. But stop acting like that shit isn’t within your control because it is.

If you know you suck at reaching out to other people, take baby steps to fix that. Pick one friend to text once a week. Once that’s a habit, pick another friend. Pretty soon, bam! You’ve got relationships that don’t suck.

If you don’t like how you look, work on improving your self-esteem. Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to your best friend if she came to you with the same complaints about her appearance. (If you would be an asshole to her about it, then that’s a separate problem in itself, friend.)

What I’m saying here is you have options besides, “This is just how I am, so I guess my life’s gonna just be like this.” You have the power in yourself to make changes for the better, and it doesn’t have to be some crazy EXTREME MAKEOVER: LIFE EDITION type shit. You can start small, but for real, you gotta START and a good way is to just own your shit in the first place.