To Whom It May Concern:

Hello! My name is Steph (aka quirkyblogger everywhere on the Internet), and I’d like to talk to you about your company. First, I want to tell you how much I love your products, and believe you me, I LOVE your products. My empty bank account but very full shelves can attest to that. I buy your wax melts and your makeup and your lotions and your clothes and your kitchen stuff and anything else you want to sell me. I also happen to sell some of that stuff. So please know what I’m saying, I’m saying out of love and a genuine desire to help you.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, get your act together. If you say you’re going to run a special from Friday at 10am MT to Saturday at 10am MT, run that special. Find a way to make it work. Please don’t leave me and all my sisters (and brothers!) out here in the cold looking like fools to our customers who are also our friends and family. Please don’t make us go back on OUR word because you couldn’t keep YOUR word.

And that’s not just specials – that’s everything. We are out here hustling because we love you and your brands. We think your products are the bee’s knees, and we want to share them with everyone. Then when we do, the website goes wonky and double-charges them. Or it charges them but never places the order. Or it just crashes completely. Look, you want people to take our industry seriously, you have to start treating our industry and YOUR COMPANY seriously. Having your website crash on a regular basis says to the world, “We don’t care enough about this to fix it,” and then, people think it’s okay to take us all less seriously.

It’s hard out here for us consultants/designers/promoters/whatever because we’re the ones who are getting the flack for stuff we have literally no control over, and when we say, “Hey, Brand? Help me out here,” the response is FAR TOO OFTEN, “Too bad. \_(ツ)_/” We need you to start doing better than that. We need you to start taking your company as seriously as WE are taking your company. We need you to live up to your promises the way you expect us to live up to ours.

We need you to #GetGood.