So, you’ve gotten all your social media accounts set up. You’ve purchased your domain and hosting. You’ve arranged widgets. You are ready for the next steps after setup.

Except wait. What about content? Do you have that part all set? At a minimum, you should have 8-10 posts so people have some idea of your style. Let’s talk about those posts, though. I’ve told you you’ve got something the world needs, and I believe that. I also believe you’re going to have to write content which solves a pain point for readers. (Example: this very blog answers questions new bloggers often ask.) So you’ve gotta draw the Venn diagram there and start writing that content, and you have to keep writing it.

Next up, let’s talk about the pages you should have already done before you launch. Your About page is crucial because it’s going to tell readers what you have to offer and why they should listen to you in the first place. Think of this as the page where you can market yourself as an authority in helping them resolve their issue. Kinda important, right?

Next is a contact page. Now there are multiple plugins available to give you a humdinger of a contact form with all sorts of bells and whistles. Me? I go for simple. I don’t think you need a lot of folderol here. Your reader has a question or comment; you have a form for them to fill out. Easy-peasy. Feel free to do what works best for you, though. Plenty of people make really strong cases for using plugins like Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms. I’m just not one of them. 😉

So, now if you’ve got all that set up, you’re finally ready to launch your blog. Time to go out and start telling folks about it. Ask your tribe to read it and leave feedback. Find a group of like-minded folks who are willing to support you on this journey.

Also? Get a coach. Really. No foolin’. (Did you think it wasn’t gonna come up? HA!)