I had a big plan yesterday to get up early and do a post about motivation. Obviously, that plan just went awry, so that’s my topic for today really – you can still get things done even if you’re off schedule or have been “out of the game” for a while. Like today, I could easily have just said, “Eh. I’ll pick it up tomorrow,” but I’ve BEEN doing that, and we all see how well that’s worked for me, eh? HA!

So, I’m here writing this (and brainstorming about the rest of the content for this week) because I want to change that awful habit. I want to stop letting setbacks derail me. Another thing I’m doing is picking up my business where I left off. Well, sort of. I have to contact my customers and re-establish relationships, but moving forward, I’m not going to let an “off” day turn into a dead business. If I’m not motivated to keep those relationships active, why on Earth would they be motivated to buy anything from me?

This applies to my team, as well. Even though they know I’m available at any time, I haven’t been as great about checking in with them to see how they’re doing, what’s going on in their lives, etc. All because I let one lousy day turn into two days then three days…and on and on. Again – if I’m not motivated to keep our team spirit up, why would they be motivated to really push for our team?

So yeah. I’m here tonight writing my Monday post at 9:52 pm Central so I don’t turn this into another lousy week. 😉 How about you? Is this something with which you struggle? Do you have any tips for staying motivated?