Lately, I’ve been back on my nail polish game. (For those of you who are unaware, I might have a raging obsession with slight addiction to nail polish, particularly Zoya and Colors by Llarowe. You can view the stash here.) Looking through my pictures, I realized my nail polish collection makes for a nice “This or That.”

So, which one do you prefer:


Me? I think I prefer dark, but I do love a light, shimmery polish, especially in spring and summer. Oh! That’s another good “This or That” – sparkle or holo? Jelly or creme? MAN, I could probably do this all day long. So your turn – light or dark? (And feel free to weigh in with pictures and links and whatever. I like to buy see what other people are into. :D)

P.S. The polishes used are listed in their captions. However, they might not currently be available for purchase. I don’t know; I haven’t checked lately. If not, I’m sure you can find a good dupe, if you like. Or hey, maybe you know a good dupe already, in which case you should absolutely share with the class.