Why hello there! So you might be wondering who the heck I am and why I think you ought to listen to anything I have to say. (Or read, in this case.) Well, I’ve been there, done that with trying to grow a successful direct sales business. I’ve tried several direct sales companies in search of the one that “fit” me and my goals. Along the way, I’ve learned that it’s not as much about the company you choose as it is about the way you market yourself and that company.

Since my forte happens to be blogging (I’ve been blogging since late 2004), naturally that seemed like the most logical outlet for me when I started learning about online marketing. I’ve picked up a few things that I’d like to pass along, so you can learn from my mistakes (and successes) in growing your own business.

My focus will be specifically on Perfectly Posh, but my goal is to make this accessible to ANYONE who’s in direct sales. Ideally, I’d like all of us to be super successful entrepreneurs who are out there kicking tail and taking names. WHO’S WITH ME? 😀