Hey, I hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve and are feeling sufficiently chipper to have a wonderful New Year’s Day. If you’re still recovering, here – have some free books to help ease you back into the land of the living. If you’re already on top of your game, here – have some free books to keep your momentum going. Basically, I’m saying “HERE! HAVE SOME FREE BOOKS!” because free books are always the answer, right?

Free Books 1.1.18

Anyway, as usual, my choices are arbitrary AF, so who knows if they’re any good or not. (But stay tuned – later this week, I’ll be offering up some opinions along with all the freebies. AWW YEAAHHHH.) And? CHECK THE PRICE before you hit that “Buy Now” button as the prices are subject to change without notice. (I’m still mad about that $.99 I spent a few weeks ago. Okay, not really.)

And please, let me know if you’ve found your new favorite author (or genre or book), wouldja? Thanks, friend!