image of mountains with text that reads @quirkyblogger presents: thug life meditations: go yo' ass to sleep

So, a few weeks ago, I was chatting with Missy about the miscellaneous sleep apps we both use, and I said offhandedly, “Wouldn’t it be funny to do a ‘thug life’ riff on all these ‘go to bed’ meditations? Like ‘go yo’ ass to sleep’ or something?”

Then I thought about how Angiee has told me she’s used videos I made for her to help her with WordPress® to soothe her baby to sleep. (She calls it my “Shweddy Balls voice” which fucking kills me every time.)

So it went from joking to serious pretty quickly because I realized I’d really LOVE to do something like that. If I did it properly, it would be fun and also useful.

Then? I got in my own head. I had all these reasons why I couldn’t do it. I needed to move my mic and get music and write the perfect script and find secure hosting…and OMFG, HOW EXHAUSTING, NEVER MIND. But the idea wouldn’t go away. I put out feelers to my groups, and they all seemed into it. So WTF, man? Just GET IT DONE, STEPH. Fucksake.

So finally, I decided to just open up Garage Band and go. I mean, why not? I was only doing it for fun, and I was giving it away to folks who subscribe to my newsletter. I wasn’t trying to sell this to a label…or anyone at all. It was just a goof that managed to turn into a project. NO PRESSURE. And it’s done. Finally. Also? I think it might actually be kinda awesome.

It’s also given me a bunch of other ideas for guided meditations, so those projects are now in the works. Hopefully, they won’t take as long as this one. HA! ANYWAY. If this sounds like something you’re into, subscribe to my newsletter, hey? My subscribers will be the first ones in the know about new projects so kill your FOMO by being on that list.

Once you’ve taken a listen, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!