We’re all busy folks who want to do the right thing for our nails, but we also have a lot of shit to do. So when it comes to spending hours on nail care, maybe that’s just not in the cards. (No judgment if that’s your thing, though. Do you, sis.)

So, here’s a list of 5 things that will make your nail care routine go a little more smoothly.
1. A quality crystal or glass nail file will cut your filing time immensely. (Bonus: you can stop using clippers on your nails which will help reduce breakage since clippers use blunt force more than actual cutting to get the job done.)
2. A quality nail/cuticle oil – taking care of your cuticles means spending less time dealing with them, I promise. (Bonus: they’ll look nicer!)
3. Color Street nail strips – I mean, you knew I was gonna mention these, but with a fast, easy, no mess application, I’m not wrong for putting them on this list.
4. A quality acetone-based remover – we’ve already talked about this, but I will never let it go. I’m like Rick Astley on this.
5. These clips. Dudes. Seriously. If you wear glitter polishes or gels, these should already be in your toolkit.

So, I hope you found this list useful. Now tell me, what would YOU have put on this list?