We’re all looking for stuff to make our lives easier without spending a ton of money; right? These five products are all under $26, and I use them daily so I can vouch for their usefulness. Without further ado, here’s my list:

1. These heat sealers have come in so. flipping. handy. when it comes to resealing bags of all kinds. If you’re tired of having stale chips, these are for you. (I would NEVER tell you to use these to reseal your Color Street strips because that is not recommended for our products, but if you DID use them for that, I wouldn’t rat you out.)
2. This handbag organizer is my new favorite thing. It can go skinny to fit into my Luci bag or wide to fit my Kate Spade. It gives everything a place in whatever bag I carry, and that sings to me in ways I can’t even explain.
3. This purple shampoo is fantastic if you’re a silver fox like me. (Blondes, this is for you, too.) Even when I use it every time I wash my hair, it doesn’t do that weird blue tint thing some other purple shampoos have done, but it DOES get rid of any brassiness.
4. This water bottle is LIFE. At 64 oz, it holds the daily recommended amount of water. (I fill it twice, though.) So you know you’re getting your hydration needs met. With only ONE trip to the ice maker.
5. The lid that goes with the water bottle in #4 should probably count as a sub-item, but whatever. Since you have to buy it separately, it’s a separate item; OKAY? (It’s worth the extra $$, I swear.)

So there you have it – my current favorites. What’s on your list? Do you have any of these yourself?

P.S. When it’s legal in my state, my 4/20 Favorites will look TOTALLY different. 😀