Good morning! I gotta tell you – going and finding free books is kind of my JAM right now. My TBR pile has gotten slightly out of control, though. WHOOPS. Of note, “The Count of Monte Cristo” is on today’s list. I’m hoping to toss a classic or two in every day. We’ll see.

As usual, I chose books based on their descriptions and cover art. (Note to authors: I’m not weird in choosing books this way. People DO judge books by their covers. So spend $10 with someone from Fiverrrrrrrrrr to get a cover that’s baller instead of making your own in MS Paint. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

I also choose based on my mood, so some days the list skews to serial killers or rom-com or classic mysteries. If there’s a genre you’d like to see, feel free to let me know, and I’ll go hunting.

Without further ado…

Books 11.14.17

Remember: these prices are subject to change without notice. So CHECK THE PRICE before you hit that “Buy with 1-Click” button! Happy reading!

P.S. I’m dying to know what books y’all are choosing, so please let me know!