Hey, y’all! We’re taking this ship a different direction. We’re going to move to entertainment coverage because there are a couple of things I’ve done consistently my entire life – read and watch TV. So why the hell not? One thing I want to do is share free reads with you. Because I’m an enabler a giver. One thing – I’m only going with Kindle books because that’s what I use, and I’m also not sorting these into categories because I think it’s more fun to read things based on their descriptions and covers than nixing them because “I don’t do mysteries/romances/sci-fi/whatever.”

Also, I choose the books based whether I found the description and cover appealing. If I did, they went on the list. SUPER SCIENTIFIC, right?! What this means is I’m not making any guarantees these are quality reads as in most cases, I haven’t even opened them yet, and hey, they’re free. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (If you’re holding out for reviews, no worries. Those are coming soon! Awwwww yeaaahhhh.)

ANYWAY, without further ado…

Please remember prices are subject to change without any notice, so CHECK THE PRICE FIRST! I’m not responsible for any charges y’all might incur because you didn’t look before leaping. 😉