So, my IDKBFF, Missy, introduced me to this series a while back, and I really, really loved it. Enough so that I bought the rest of the series, and y’all. I don’t buy books very often. There are entirely too many free options. (As you know since you’re here grabbing a free book right now!)

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It’s a modern take on Norse mythology (with a little bit of Hinduism and maybe some Buddhism thrown in), and it’s also pretty damn sexy. (It’s not really erotica, though. At least not in my opinion. Just a good ol’ action romance. Is that a thing? It is now.) Since I don’t do spoilers, how about just read the books?

Also, let’s establish right now most of what I read and review will be rated M for Mature. I’ll note it when a book is okay for younger kids, but that’s not really my thing. Maybe I could get Tricia to write reviews? Hmm…

ANYWAY, please let me know what you think. Don’t be scared; Missy and I won’t come to your house and demand you explain yourself if you hate it. Well, probably we won’t.