So I mention cuticle oil in nearly every post. “Use cuticle oil.” “Cuticle oil should be in your toolkit.” Etc. And yet, I haven’t written a single post about it. “WTF, mate?” you ask.

For me, the problem has been figuring out how to give a few good reasons without also wanting to delve into the science behind these reasons. (Dudes, your nails are frigging FASCINATING. Like the whole human body is weird and amazing and awesome, but nails [and hair, too, really] are kind of the weirdest but best of all the weird, amazing shit about your body. Well, to me anyway.)

But I finally buckled down and got it done. Not saying this will be my final post on this topic, but hopefully this list will convince you to start doing right by your cuticles, sis.

  1. Healthy cuticles mean healthy nails which means strong, flexible nails which means fewer painful breaks. (If you’ve ever had a nail break or tear below the “quick,” you know that pain is no joke.)
  2. It adds moisture to your cuticles so they’re all plump and firm and youthful looking and shit. So you can pretend your hands are still 25 just like your brain. Or is that just me? DON’T JUDGE ME.
  3. Since your cuticles are moisturized, you’re less likely to get hangnails. Which means you’re less likely to pick which means you’re less likely to further damage your cuticles which means you’re keeping them closed for ick-business.
  4. It can help prolong your manicure. SAY WHAT? Yup, it’s true. It keeps the polish more pliable so it’s less prone to chipping. (So basically, your Color Street manicure will be gorgeous for infinity. JK. Well, about the infinity part.)
  5. Your nails will be less brittle and dry because your cuticles are less dry, and this ALSO helps keep your polish from chipping.

By now you probably want to know what cuticle oil you should buy; right? Well, this one. That said, I make my own at home, and I’ll post my recipe for that Friday. 😀

So, are you converted to the cuticle oil life? Let me know in the comments!!