How do you know when you’re successful? Is there a picture in your mind of what your success will look like? For a long time, I didn’t have a definition of success in my mind, so I never really FELT successful as there was always more I could achieve. So I never enjoyed any achievements at all. That’s a TERRIBLE way to live, and I definitely want something better for you. Seriously, you deserve to be happy and proud of your achievements, even when you’re pushing to do more. That’s why I’m so into the idea of defining success.

One of the ways I’m choosing to define success for myself now is through how many people I am able to reach with my message of loving oneself. Money is glorious, and I like it as much as the next person, but I haven’t ever been happy when I’ve used that as a measure of success. Instead, I want to be able to quantify the good I do, and for now, the number of people I reach will do the trick. 🙂

But it’s a-okay if you want to define your success in financial terms! Or maybe you want to define success in terms of how much time you can devote to your personal hobbies or maybe a charity or your family. I’m all for whatever method will work for you to be able to really recognize your own success so you can start feeling good about it instead of feeling like it’s never quite enough.

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