Without further ado, this week’s Dear Quirky in which we discuss rare mediums without a well done web presence. And soul sucking day jobs. And look! I’m only two days late! #DontJudgeMe

Dear Quirky,
I overheard few friends talking about how they had a medium come do a reading for them in a small group. It piqued the interest of others. When researching the medium, we were not able to find any information online about them. Do you find not having a web presence peculiar?
~Not too sure…

Dear She Doesn’t Even Have a Twitter,
Yes, in this day and age when building an online presence is easy, I find it quite peculiar if someone doesn’t have one, assuming that someone is under 90 years old. I find it even weirder she doesn’t know this. I mean, isn’t it her job to know what’s going on with people? Like you’d think someone’s dearly departed would be like, “Oh and heads up – they expect a Facebook page, at least.” I would definitely be giving her some side-eye.

Stay skeptical,

Dear Quirky,
I’m in a job I hate. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels on something that isn’t paying me back and is making me miserable. How do I break free from this and have the courage to do something I’m passionate about?
Burned Out

Dear Show Me More Than The Money,
So, I have a question for you – is your dream something which can also pay the bills? Are you ready to work maybe twice as many hours for much less pay while you launch? Is the thing you want to do a viable option, in terms of creating the financial life you want?

Also, why do you hate your current job? Is it something you could change? Like if you love the work but hate the people, could you move to a different company? If you love the people but hate the work, could you do a different job within the company?

What I’m saying here is plenty of people work day jobs they’re not in love with because those day jobs fund the gigs they DO love. So maybe change the things about your day job you don’t love and then focus on building your side hustle up so it can be your main hustle. Once you have a solid foundation, it’s going to be a lot less scary to say “See ya, bitches!” to your current soul-sucking gig.

Stay hungry but don’t be a starving artist,