A couple of questions come up really consistently, so I thought I would address them here. As we add more questions, I’ll definitely add to our Direct Sales FAQs.

1. Should I have a FB page or group?
Yes. You should have both. Think “wildest dreams” here. What happens if you are wildly successful? Are you going to want a bunch of strangers PM’ing your personal Facebook profile? I sure don’t. My personal profile is for my friends and family. If someone wants to reach me about my business, they can message me via my Facebook page just as easily as my personal profile. (They’ll probably get a quicker response as Facebook doesn’t grade my response time on my personal DMs.)

But your FB group is where you’ll really get active engagement. Think of your Facebook group as a never-ending sales party. Kind of. (More on this in the next question.)

2. Should I only post sales stuff in my group?
No way! Think of your group as a place to hang out where you might occasionally mention your products and only if you feel like they’re really a great value. Your group is where you’re going to spend time building relationships with people so when they need your product, they think of you first.

Also, you want to operate from a place of giving and abundance. Provide actual value to people without worrying if they’re going to buy your product or not, and likely as not, they’ll buy the product, too. But go into it with the idea of offering value for the time they so generously spend hanging out with you. Because I promise you, they are being generous. They could be on any group on Facebook hanging out, but they’ve picked YOURS. That’s a big compliment and a big responsibility. Treat it as such.

So, what other questions do you have? I’d love to answer them for you, either in the comments or in a future blog post!