Color Street Mystery Box

So you know you love Color Street. You know you love subscription boxes. You think putting the two together is an idea whose time has come. Friend, I am with you 100%.

Allow me to introduce my Color Street Mystery Box! The introductory box will contain four packs of Color Street nail strips, a glass nail file, and a storage box for $39.99. After that, you can choose from the Mixed Mani box which will have a solid, glitter, nail art and glitter art pack for $34.99 (including shipping) OR a Solids Only box which will have four solid colors for $29.99 (including shipping).

If you sign up before the 5th, your box will ship on the 15th of the current month. After the 5th, it will ship on the 15th of the following month. You can cancel any time. For more about my policies, please read my Terms & Conditions.

If you’re into it and you live in the US*, you just have to choose your adventure below!

Choose Your Adventure (US Only)

To unsubscribe, click here.

*I know, I know – you live somewhere outside the US, and you want some Color Street, too! Please be patient with me as I work out how to handle international orders!