Well, friend, let me tell you why. Cue my origin story…

When I was in my early 20s, I got a nail fungus (or so I thought). I went to multiple doctors who all assumed it was a fungus and treated it accordingly which never, ever helped. In fact, some of the treatments made things even worse. So I assumed I was just stuck with it. Then a doctor said, “Hey, that doesn’t look like a fungus at all. Let’s send this to the lab. They can tell FOR SURE.” So we sent off a nail clipping and waited for the results.

Turns out, I have psoriatic nails. (And a neat-o case of psoriatic arthritis to go with them!) All those treatments had been for nothing. There wasn’t anything I could do about it except just live with it. Well, I wasn’t too pleased with THAT answer, so I started researching nail care. I also got really, really, REALLY into nail polish. (Hey, if you can’t fix it, slap a coat of paint on it, right?) So that’s when I learned about nail oil and why you should NEVER cut your cuticles. (No, seriously. Don’t do it!) And why vitamins are important but so is drinking enough water and eating the right stuff. And about a million other things that can help you have seriously badass nails. (Which I plan on sharing with you ASAP.)

I also discovered a line of nail polish strips that make doing my nails about as easy as it can possibly be at a price that doesn’t make me cry and/or feed my kids ramen every meal. I mean, they’re so easy I can manage to do a full salon manicure in about ten minutes. No shit. And there are no special tools required. No heat, no cutting, NO HASSLE. It’s a polish-aholic’s dream come true. (Especially one who maybe doesn’t have the motor skills to do fancypants nail art but still wants to look posh AF.)

ANYWAY. I’d love to help you with whatever your nail issues might be, so stick around, how ’bout it?