Hey, hi! I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing, and I hope you’ve found good deals on the items on your list. Hopefully, you’ll find a few more right here. These are a few of my favorite things which also happen to be on sale today. WAHOOOOOO.

1. Kindle Paperwhite. I bought mine in April of 2016 (according to Amazon’s records, like if I would remember this on my own HA!), and I’ve used it almost daily ever since. While the science is shaky about whether or not e-readers are better for your eyes, I will offer my anecdotal experience – I much prefer reading on my Kindle than my phone. Maybe it’s the way it’s lit or the matte screen. I dunno, man. But I love my Paperwhite. (And please know if they’d offered a Black Friday special on the Kindle Oasis, I might very well have had to upgrade. Maybe Cyber Monday?)

2. My Instant Pot. Y’all. I use this sucker nearly every day, as well. Now while I might have gotten it last Black Friday, it took me a little while (and some encouragement from my friend, Cait, who has some amazing IP recipes) to get over my fear of blowing up the house and actually use it. Since then, though? I can’t imagine life without it. I forgot to thaw out the chicken AGAIN? No problem. The IP can cook it from frozen and usually just as quickly as if I’d remembered to thaw it! I can make black beans FROM THE BAG in just over an hour. WHAT? Get yourself one of these. You can thank me later.
Related: the 8 qt has a freaking AMAZING deal for Black Friday, and this 6 qt LUX is also on sale so if you don’t foresee wanting to adjust the pressure on recipes, this might be the one for you.

3. Fitbit Flex 2. I’m not doing 40K steps/day like some of my friends, but I AM doing more steps because I like getting badges and shit for hitting goals. So, if you’re looking to get a headstart on your New Year’s resolutions, you could do worse than getting yourself one of these guys. ($40 off. I’m kind of mad I don’t need another one.)

So, those are my big three Black Friday favorites. What are some of yours?