This week is all about apps or software to help us get shit DONE. From upping my direct sales game to helping me center myself, these are the apps I’m digging most and, more importantly, the ones I think you’ll find wicked helpful, too. They’re not sorted in any particular order, by the way. (In other words, don’t ask me to pick a favorite because I love them all. 😂)

  1. Perspective App – I wanted a quick little journaling app to help me be more aware of when I’m doing things that help me feel like I’m living my best life v. things I’m doing because I think I should or because they’re a bad habit or whatever. This definitely fit the bill. There are prompts for times you might be stuck, and it really does help you track your moods, habits, etc. Plus, it’s free**!
  2. 365 Gratitude app – as you probably know, I run a daily gratitude group on FB. I try to remember to post there daily, but I fall down sometimes. So I was SUPER HAPPY when my friend, Amber Rodham Keating, suggested this app. (P.S. Buy her husband’s movie. It’s a favorite thing this week, but since it’s not an app, it didn’t make the list.)
  3. FIITFU – Y’all, I love my direct sales business. I REALLY love my customers, but my brain is addled with the ADHD, so follow up is a real struggle for me. Enter FIITFU (Fortune Is In The Follow Up). Now I’m not gonna lie and say this thing is perfect because hoo boy, it’s not. But is it the best thing going for direct sellers? Absolutely YES. Has it improved my follow up game by leaps and bounds? FUCK. YES. Plus, you can do a month-long free trial, so what do you have to lose?
  4. Trello – I don’t even know how to start to explain the glory of Trello. It’s kind of like if Pinterest and Evernote had a baby. Except better. Man, just go check it out!
  5. Text Expander – I don’t know how I lived without this, tbh. If you have a Mac or iPhone, you already know about creating text shortcuts for commonly used phrases, and this is like that, except ON STEROIDS. (And it works on all apps on my Mac, unlike the native text expansion which Google Chrome refuses to recognize.) The autocorrect feature is also an upgrade from Mac’s native app. If you’re a direct seller doing Facebook parties, you can create each of your party posts in this app and only have to do a few keystrokes to have your posts entered. So long 3rd party posting services which might or might not work this week!
  6. ThinkUp – this app has been a favorite for a while now. You create your own affirmations in YOUR VOICE (which is important because your subconscious will listen to you more than some random voice). They say it best – “bring yourself to the next level.”

So, do you use any of these apps? What’s on your list of favorites?

**All these apps are free or free to try.