We’ve all found ourselves wallowing in a muddy pit of negative feelings or overthinking our next move, and it seems like the longer we wallow, the harder it is to get out of our own heads. So, here are five tips to help you get out of your head right now.

1. Get up and change locations. Even if it’s just moving from your bedroom to your couch, a change of scenery (even a tiny one) can help you get a new perspective.
2. Get some exercise. Get up and do some jumping jacks or, if you’re into it, some burpees. It’s pretty hard to throw a pity party when you’re jumping around, homie.
3. Have an impromptu dance party. I even have some playlists you can use.
4. Talk to a trusted friend. I’ve found talking it out can often help me get a fresh perspective.
5. Write a list of ways to get out of your own head. Or maybe tips on how to apologize. Or why you have to meet your people where they are.

So, there you have it – five quick ways to get out of your own head, but maybe you have some ideas of your own. Share them in the comments, please!