One of the things I struggled with (STILL struggle with, to be real) is where to even START to learn to love myself. So I thought I’d provide these tips about loving your body which are quickly implemented.

1. Stop being so mean to yourself. Be mindful of your inner dialogue, and any time you hear yourself being critical, ask, “Would I say this to my best friend?” If the answer is no, DON’T SAY IT TO YOU. This is honestly a pillar of everything I am going to say for the whole of…forever. Treat you like you treat your best friend.

2. Start acknowledging the good things your body can do. Now look, as someone with chronic, debilitating arthritis, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the whole “Man, I remember when I could _______” thing. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of focusing on that. So today, list at list three things your body does for you.

3. Start looking at other bodies similar to yours and instead of seeing the flaws, look for the beautiful parts. For me, it was easier to see the pretty in other people’s bodies than in my own. So that’s where I started. I’m offering it as a tip to you. This project was where I went for inspiration. Maybe it can help you.

4. Hang out in spaces where body positivity is not just accepted but encouraged. Like, maybe, my group on Facebook. 😁

5. Last (for now) but not least – spend time just taking care of your body in ways that don’t have any moral value attached. By this I mean things like, “I was so good today; I went to the gym” or “I was so bad today because I ate a piece of cake.”

This list is not comprehensive, by any means. So hey, maybe you have some ideas yourself; feel free to share those in the comments!